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alpine tent

  • alpine tent
  • alpine tent
Model No.︰MQ-20-C
Brand Name︰SIECO
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1300 / pc
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Product Description
1. We use radians cutting techniques, graceful appearance. Secondly, through the use of high-quality PVC material fire detection, fire safety standards of NFPA-701 to reach the Americas and Europe, M2, high-strength aluminum alloy tube stents are HEAVY-DUTY ANODIZED ALUMINUM TUBES anodized.

2. This little MARQUEE TENT components, simple installation, a person will be able to complete the installation, easy to use, significantly saving on labor costs, to solve the problem of expensive labor,

3. size varied: 10'x10 ', 4x4m, 15'x15', 5x5m, 20'x20 ', 30'x30'

4. We provide different colors to meet different needs, conventional COLOR: WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK AND SO ON. We can be customized according to customer special material requirements; different colors can splice different graphics. Guests can also request a printed different LOGO.

5. In order to better close to nature, feel the blue sky under the sun, we also provide a transparent marquee tent.

6. suitable for a variety of birthday parties, weddings, celebration events and other activities. Upon request, we have designed a Cenarion countries and Ghana's national flag colors to participate in a large tent for the National Day celebrations

7. Any sizes for you to choose
-marquee tent square style 10'x10', 4x4m, 15'x15', 5x5m, 20'x20'
-marquee tent rectangle style 10'x20', 4x8m, 15'x30', 5x10m, 20'x40'
-marquee tent hexagonal style 10'x10'x10', 4x4x4m, 15'x15'x15', 5x5x5m, 20'x20'x20'
Payment Terms︰TT/LC
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